"I think it's brilliant. I can't remember the last time I said that, about anything. I would not hesitate for a second to read The Unmaking of Eden again."


"I read the whole thing in one sitting, I COULD NOT STOP, the story was just that compelling. It's a great book, a fantastic book, due to the writing.


In the history of movies, how many millions of movies have been made, right?  Some good some bad -- and then you see a Quentin Tarantino film and you suddenly understand that no one's ever made a movie before. It took him to come along and make a movie, and we see it and go, damn that's what a movie is supposed to be. That's how I feel about your story. You get it. You get what a story is supposed to do. That is a rare talent."

Award-winning author, Liz Lopez


"This is fantastic writing. This has to be published. I don't know anyone who will not love your character. She gets better and better. A witty, paranoid schizophrenic, love-chick."

Author John Cambridge


"Fantastic prose throughout. Breathtaking at times. Just amazing."


"A brilliant writer who keeps us guessing with every turn of the page."

Author Kathleen Keenan


"Ohhh, man. What a ride. Damn if that isn't powerfully and wonderfully heart-wrenching material. I loved it!"


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