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Book 1: Genesis

A young girl and her toddler sister escape from a cult-like religious commune in upper North Dakota under suspicious circumstances that leave a man dead. Wanted by the police, with no money or support system, the girls hide out in plain sight: in a public high school.

When initial examination of the dead man’s body points to an overdose in a new, highly-regulated drug, the drug company’s founder-and-CEO comes on the scene to seek answers. But when he finds a frightened and wanted fugitive hiding secrets beyond his imagination, what will he do?

Read the first chapter here.

Mask in the snow
The Unmaking of Eden: Welcome


"If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet,
then you must write it." - Toni Morrison

Eden started precisely this way-as a story I wanted to read, but couldn't find. So I decided to write it. It was completely tailored to me-a selfish and self-indulgent project, not something I ever dreamed I'd share with anyone. 

Broadly, my original intention was to write a story about a traumatized superhero young girl who, at first blush, is saved by a powerful figure, but who, in the end, is the one doing the saving. It didn't fully go down that path, but there are whispers of the first intention still in there.

The book has been in the works for exactly ten years, come January 2019. The first draft was far, far too long, clocking in at about 240,000 words, after a few hundred thousand were left on the cutting room floor.

College Campus
Medicine Prescription
Chalkboard Drawings


12-year-old Eden escapes a cult-like religious community in rural North Dakota one morning under strange circumstances that leave a man dead.

Together with sister Hope, they make their way to Minot, ND, and set up home in the one public school. With its shelter, computers, and free meal program, it's the perfect place to rest and search for their mother.


27-year-old Dr. Peter Canon's biotech firm, Regenesis Biotechnologies, is threatened by the death in North Dakota, an assumed overdose in its most popular drug, Jeuvenol.

On the heels of three previous deaths, the FDA may pull Jeuvenol's approval. Worse yet, the DEA is intimating it wants to make an example out of Regenesis-and possibly its executives, too.


Two-and-a-half-year-old Hope escapes with Eden and must suffer the isolation of the school boiler room while Eden fights for survival.

Will someone find her while Eden struggles to keep them alive? Or worse, will the fight prove too much for someone so young and so fragile?

The Unmaking of Eden: Project
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